Our legacy is the joy we kindle in a little girl’s eyes.
It is the firm shoulder on which a troubled teen cries.
Our legacy is the longed for friend who turns not away
When everything seems to get worse day-by-day.

Our legacy is the commitment that we have made
To rescue young diamonds from the traps that are laid;
To polish them with kindness, care, and concern
And teach them the lessons they need to learn.

Our legacy is the hand that steadies the weak
And provides the sensible direction that they seek.
It is the mirror which reflects what is and can be.
Our legacy is our love – unrelenting and free.

Oh, let our legacy be one of healing and hope
To save our young women and help them cope.
Let it be a glorious guiding light
That shines forever both day and night.

Copyright © 2013 Lillian D. Norman